Achieves UL Enviromental Claim Validation
By Admin 02 Feb 2023

Achieves UL Enviromental Claim Validation

ENVICCO Limited. is proud to have earned the UL Environmental Claim
Validation from UL, one of the most respected third-party testing
and validation bodies. Through rigorous scientific assessment,
ENVICCO has proven that our product is 100% post-consumer recycle content.

Check out the details here :

UL 2809 Recycled content:
UL 2809 recycle content is the Recycled Content Validation, which authenticates the post-consumer, 
pre-consumer (post-industrial), closed loop, or total recycled content of products, providing third-party verification that they are as green as they say they are.
-    The goal of this claim is to extend the life of materials and reduce consumption of natural resources, thus providing substantial environmental benefit 
and encouraging the circular use of materials.