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ENVICCO is a joint-venture company found by PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC), the Thailand largest petrochemical company and leader of DJSI, and ALPLA, the global leader in rigid packaging business.

They both have mutual intension toward circular economy and to retain value of plastic.

Circular Economy Concept

We fulfill the value chain to complete circular loop of plastic consumption.

How ENVICCO set up

ENVICCO, the partnership between GC and ALPLA, founded from 3 basic concepts of Environment, Circular and Collaboration. 

As the enviromental problem is increasing significantly each day and one of such problem comes from plastic waste, we have foreseen the opportinuties to decrease such problem by turning used plastic into valuable products under the condition that the qualification of recycled plastic must be equivalent to the virgin one.

About GC

PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited, or GC is Thailand’s largest integrated petrochemical and refining business and a leading corporation in the Asia-Pacific region, both in size and a wide range of products from petrochemical to biochemical with the world’s No. 1 bioplastics producer. We are the world’s No. 1 in chemical sector in Dow Jones Sustainability indices for three consecutive years. Also, we have been rated at Leadership Level (A List) in water management and environmental management in climate change by CDP.


ALPLA is a company operating worldwide in the field of packaging, specialized in the development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of packaging products and solutions such as bottles, caps and closures.

The Largest Integrated Line of Plastic Recycling Plant in Southeast Asia

  • Production capacity 45,000 ton/year.
  • Reduce GHGs emission approximately 140,000 ton CO2 eq. /year.

100% of Feedstock Collected from Thailand's Waste

  • Manage plastic waste in Thailand by 60,000 ton/year

Guarantee 100% Feedstock Traceability

  • Long-term contracts with qualified domestic feedstock suppliers
  • Waste collection program in GC group

Consistency of Product Quality

  • State-of-Art recycling technologies and European operational standard
  • End-to-End process control by in-house lab analysis
  • PCR product is high quality and rPET is food grade complied with US.FDA standard

Enhance Thailand's BCG Model

  • In line with principle of circular economy and closed-loop recycling
  • Create value to plastic waste instead of landfilling and ocean leakage
  • Create jobs and incomes to local community via loop connecting program


Environmental responsibility is heart of our operation. We design the Eco-friendly production from the begining. Our feedstock is stored in buildings with VOCs treatment system and we installed efficient water management system in washing section to minimize wastewater generation. Moreover, producing PCR products supports the risk of used plastic leakage to ocean, as well as reduction of greenhouse gas emission. 


All sectors in plastic value chain aim to conserve natural resources and protect the environment in line with the priciple of sustainbility. We is a part to create a comprehensive circular loop connecting. Used plastic can be revived by our cutting-edge technologies to form a new products in various application especially the bottle-to-bottle recycling. 


With our goal to return value of used plastics to a new plastic product with reliable quality, we welcome collaboration from all players in circular loop ranging from consumer, waste collector, logistics provider, recycler, converter and consumer product manufacturer, in order to implement circular concept into action.