3 pillars of our business in sustainability ways consist of Product Value, Environmental Value and Social Value.

Product Value is as promise from us that our product is will be manufactured with great quality by innovative and standardized technology, while Environment Value is to ensure that our business and products will be enviromental friendly and aim for sustainability. Additionally, Social Value is to focus on social contribution for people in the  various communities.

These pillars are combined together in our actions to offer the best solution to our valued customers and all stakeholders. 

Product Value

Product Value

ENVICCO products are manufactured with great quality.

ENVICCO has used the latest innovation and technology to manufacture reclycled resin and is continue developing itself for betterness.

High quality PCR resin

ㆍCutting-edge technologies from Bale to Resin

ㆍEuropean operational standard practice

ㆍSuitable for bottle application

Consistency of Product Quality

ㆍConsistency quality control

ㆍIn-house lab center analysis

Product Value

100% PCR with food-safety compliance


Feedstock Traceability

ㆍ100% feedstock collected in Thailand thorugh contracts and YOUturn collecting platform

Product Value
Environmental Value

Environmental Value

  • Enhance circular economy and reduce mismanagement of used plastics

    Add value to used bottles in Thailand 60,000 ton/year instead of ending to ocean leakage or landfills

  • Carbon footprint product reduction

    Reduce greenhouse gas emission approximately 141,000 ton CO2 equivalent/year

Soical Value

Sustainability in Actions