How ENVICCO set up

ENVICCO, the partnership between GC and ALPLA, founded from 3 basic concepts of Environment, Circular and Collaboration. We encourage cooperation and enhanced operations across different sectors in society by adopting the principles of Circular Economy, supporting the more efficient use of resources, and reflecting our environmental responsibility to reduce the ocean leakage or landfilling of used single-use plastics.


We care our environment in every steps of business operation.


We recognize the important of resource revolution toward Circular Economy


We encourage collaboration among stakeholders in the plastic value chain


ENVICCO Products

ENVICCO's Products are made from a mechanical recycling process to produce high quality post-consumer recycled (PCR) resins. We offer consistent, high-quality and 100% PCR resins which comply with global standard to the market under brand InnoEco.

InnoEco PCR PET Resin

100% High-quality PCR PET resin with food safety certified by global standard

InnoEco PCR HDPE Resin

100% High-quality PCR HDPE resin with single-color and scent-free

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Product Brand



Product Value

Product Value

  • High quality PCR resin

    ㆍCutting-edge technologies from Bale to Resin

    ㆍEuropean operational standard practice

    ㆍSuitable for bottle application

  • Consistency of Product Quality

    ㆍConsistency quality control

    ㆍIn-house lab center analysis

  • 100% PCR with food-safety compliance


  • Feedstock Traceability

    ㆍ100% feedstock collected in Thailand thorugh contracts and YOUturn collecting platform

Environmental Value

Environmental Value

  • Enhance circular economy and reduce mismanagement of used plastics

    Add value to used bottles in Thailand 60,000 ton/year instead of ending to ocean leakage or landfills

  • Carbon footprint product reduction

    Reduce greenhouse gas emission approximately 141,000 ton CO2 equivalent/year

Soical Value

Soical Value

  • Give a boost to local employment and income distribution

    Create job for local community starting in Rayong province by setting up 2 pilot collecting hubs

  • Enhance people awareness through loop connecting activities across the country
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